Need a Few Specifications on NeXT Station Color Slab.

Started by drshmooz2001, November 29, 2007, 04:32:01 PM

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What is max ram and what 'type' is required? Is there 'vram' I can install and again, what 'type'? Finally, what type of Laser Printer connection etc. I am working on writing various individual works as a first project with this computer! keep me up to date on whatever else I might need to know, I am new to NeXT, just never had time to get around to it, I find these forums really stimulating and am Happy to be involved!  :!:


It depends on whether you have the "turbo" chip set or not.  You can tell by the number of memory slots.  The non-turbos have 8 slots & you are limited to 32 MB IIRC.
The turbo boards have 4 slots and will accept four 32 MB 72 pin SIMMs for a total of 128 MB of ram.  
NeXT spec'd  70 ns SIMMs, but 60 ns works just fine, at least on the turbo systems.  I know Fast Page Memory works (again on turbo's) and I've read that EDO works as well, but I've not tried it. You want non-parity SIMMs.  Parity works, but supposedly, slows the system down.
If you are talking about connecting to the NeXT Laser printer, a standard straight through M to M DB-9 cable (or M to F + gender changer) will work in place of the NeXT Cable.  
If you are talking about connecting to other printers, I believe there is software (Jet Pilot?) available to run the HP Laser Jet II or maybe III?
NeXT Turbo Cube (acquired at factory auction), 128 MB ram, 2 Gig HP drive, running OPENSTEP 4.2.
2 Color Turbo NeXTstations.
Early mono NeXTstation.