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Started by peacey, February 22, 2006, 12:43:50 PM

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I recently acquired a cube, and need to take out/replace the battery, but can't seem to get to the motherboard.  I've never seen the inside of the cube before, nor used a NeXT before, and it wasn't obvious how to get to the motherboard once the back panel is off.  Anyone have an online manual or directions?  Or something similar?


The motherboard just pulls out.


I tried to just pull it out, but it didn't budge like it was fastened to what would be the front side of the cube...


It takes a bit of force to remove the motherboard, especially if it's been plugged into the backplane for 10 or 15 years.  The plug is located at the bottom of the motherboard so it takes slightly more force near the bottom of the cube.  I usually place the cube face down on a towel and grab the rear motherboard bracket at the top and bottom.  I let my hands hang over the top and bottom edge of the cube and use it for leverage.  It requires some force the first time, but be careful of the ribbon cables plugged into the motherboard.  The cables can be removed after sliding the motherboard out a few inches.


Quote from: "peacey"I tried to just pull it out, but it didn't budge like it was fastened to what would be the front side of the cube...

You are correct [as to where the motherboard is connected]. What Nitro said is true - except for the part where he said the motherboard is connected by a connector at the "bottom". This can be mis-interepted. The connector on the motherboard is connected to the "backplane" which is actually on the [inside] FRONT FACE of the Cube.

BUT ... there is something that you need to be aware of and careful about. There are 16 RAM slots. They may not all be populated, but some of the slots MAY be populated with "high profile" RAM modules. Which means that the height of these modules are literally pressed against the drive cage. It is alot easier to get a motherboard IN if it has these modules - than to take it out. If your motherboard has any of these "high profile" modules - the ONLY way to remove the motherboard, is to remove the drive cage/power supply and the motherboard at the SAME time. You must slide them out together.

If you don't do this properly - you will damage your motherboard SERIOUSLY!

You can tell if your motherboard has these "high profile" RAM modules by shining a flashlight into the Cube and checking to see the clearance of the RAM. If you have the standard "low profile" modules - you should see a bit of clearance between the top edge of the RAM modules and the drive cage.


:D  Thanks y'all.  I look forward to futher adventures in NeXT land.  :)