Debugging a dimension

Started by gtnicol, February 26, 2006, 12:57:15 AM

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I'll post some photos later on today, but here are some of the differences I've seen:

1) One of the larger chips will have, or not have a gold top.
2) Memory sockets will have steel retainers or plastic.
3) One particular chip towards the center of the board is usually yellow.
   I have one which is black, and which has a patch wire across the chip.

I've been trying to figure out what these differences mean in terms of production runs, etc.


I posted pics of my NeXTcube on Flickr a while ago.  There are pics of both my Dimensions

Take a look here:

NeXTcube Turbo Dimension, NeXTstation Turbo Color, MP2100, Q840av, Q650, WS G4 500, Pismo G4 550, SGI Octane R12K MXE, BeBox 133.


Right, so that looks like a "normal" board. I have one where the yellow chip in the top-middle is replaced with a black chip+patch, and where the big chip in the middle right has a gold top.

I'll post photos tonight.


Does anyone knows what it means if the LED stay on, no blinking ?