ADB vs non-ADB hardware

Started by dravier, February 26, 2006, 10:40:50 AM

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Can't say that I've ever put much thought into this aspect of NeXT machines but while looking through the post about setting up the flat panel on a NeXT I noticed the image of the non-ADB Station and it dawned on mine looked slightly different (the keyboard and mouse) because I have an ADB system.  My mono station is non-ADB but I haven't had that running sinced I moved into my new house.  

The question really is:  why did NeXT bother making both an ADB and non-ADB version of their hardware?  It seems odd that Steve Jobs would have spent the extra money to offer both of these options without a decent reason.  Anyone out there know?

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I think the non-ADB was for the old hardware 68030 (first generation) then the new Turbos came out and they used the ADB which is mac compatible, so I suppose they would automatically open themselves to a new market of hardware the owner could buy if necessary...  This is why you can use a Mac mouse on ADB enabled computers.. (not that a beige mouse would look OK hooked to an elegant black system :wink: )

Remember that ADB Slabs/Cubes-enabled are backwards compatible with non-ADB hardware... so there was nothing to loose when the new hardware was released..

I think Sun and/or HP is (or was) at some point ADB compatible...



The NeXTWORLD archives have some info on a few of the reasons NeXT went to the ADB input devices.


I always suspected that it was so NeXT customers could use Wacom tablets and the like for use with Adobe Illustrator.

However IMHO the ADB stuff is crap, it feels plasticy & horrible to use, I want to convert my NeXTstation Turbo to Non-ADB, however I'm finding it very difficult to find Soundbox.

Apparently Apple ADB mice don't work properly unless the mouse button is pressed duing boot up.
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