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Started by fmh, March 11, 2008, 04:58:10 PM

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I came across in my archives an install of Rhapsody DR2 that was installed under VPC 5 years ago.  I must have gotten from a buddy long ago (who I no longer have contact with).  I had to install an old version of VPC on the G4 in OS9 to actually get it to boot.  Under VPC 7 on my G5 it won't boot.   OK back to the point in hand, I don't know any User IDs or Passwords.  I tried booting in Single User Mode via "-s" at boot up and tried "passwd root" and "passwd me"  and both times it said that User root and User me do not exist.

Am I doing this properly or did this change under Rhapsody?  I'm 99% sure this is how I did it years ago under NeXTStep 3.3.
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This is one of the things covered in my RhapsodyAnswers collection... and this is what article 30749 says:
    The system starts up, displaying a series of messages. When startup is complete, you see the single-user prompt "#." Type the following command at the prompt:

sh /etc/rc

You see a series of messages appear on the screen as the rc shell script executes. During this process, NetInfo is started. You won't see a shell prompt after these messages unless you press the Return key.

Set the root password. Enter the following command at the prompt:

passwd root

You're prompted twice for the new password. [/list]I've never personally had to try it, but I would guess that you are missing the first part of the process.