A perfect match - NeXTstation Turbo Color and Eizo L661

Started by cuby, April 09, 2008, 01:47:27 PM

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I was just looking around for a new hard disk for my MacBook Pro when I found a used Eizo FlexScan L661 18" TFT screen at a local computer shop. I remembered it supported sync on green, so I bought it for the (IMHO) low price of 89 Euros.

The L661 has two VGA inputs and works perfectly with a non-ADB TurboColor slab using a 13W3->VGA adapter cable. There are three picture modes: normal (with a black border of about 2cm around the edges), expanded and full screen. The latter two scale the picture up which reduces the sharpness of the picture, but also works fine. I prefer the normal mode, however.

Just one thing could be improved: Eizo also built a black version of the L661. Mine has, however, the standard white/cream plastic case. But I won't complain ;-).

I can shoot some pictures of the setup if you're interested.

-- cuby


I'm interested in some shots. I've been wanting to get an LCD for awhile.
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