Compaq Armada 500: Black & White only?

Started by Jenne, April 10, 2008, 02:57:52 AM

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At last I am able to confirm the Compaq Armada 500 running within Rhapsody DR 2, but it´s just the same problem as with my ThinkPad 240: it stays black & white.
I´ve been testing all ATI Rage drivers (from 2 MB up to 8 MB mode) but they  do not work. Is there an alternative driver out there or is there some sort of beta driver floppy for this Rhapsody release I do not know of? It utilizes an ATI Rage LT Pro video chip (4Mb video SGRAM)...




Is configure app detecting the graphics OK?, if not perhaps it could just be the device ID string that needs changing?
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Support for the ATI Rage LT Pro wasn't added to Rhapsody until version 5.3 (by which time it was PowerPC only).

Sorry. :(