NeXT station color - Resistor trick doesn't seem to work

Started by chrols, April 23, 2008, 09:12:22 AM

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I got an NeXTstation color not too long ago, just the slab and nothing else. Due this I can't easily boot the thing up, however I read about the 470 ohm resistor trick, which appears to be what I need. The trick is only described with a DB19 connector wheras my slab comes with a 13W3 connector. Searching for pinouts I found that apparently pin 2 corresponds to "Power Switch Cont" and that pin 8-10 are ground. Connecting the resistor between pin 2 and the ground didn't to my dissapointment make the computer spring to life. So I am wondering if anyone else have gotten it to work, or know about the right vodoo to get 13W3 systems alive.