Removing NeXT logo from cube

Started by idylukewild, March 07, 2006, 04:39:53 PM

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I have a spare NeXT printer with a pretty good looking
NeXT logo I would like to use to replace the scratched-up
logo on my '040 cube. Does anyone have any experience
removing a NeXT logo for re-use? Any advice would be
appreciated since I don't want to risk damaging a logo
to no avail. Thanks!



I was able to replace the cube logo with the one from the spare (poor condition) printer.

First I removed the logo from the printer by melting the posts from the inside of the printer with a soldering iron. Messy, but I worked the logo free (the logo was held in place on the printer by the 'melted over' posts when the printer was originally assembled).

Then I tapped the logo on the cube free with a drift pin. It was much easier to remove.

I then applied hot melt glue to the back of the good logo and pressed it into place on the cube.

Just to make sure it would hold in place (the posts were pretty mangled from the melt/removal) I added 'beads' of hot melt glue to the posts from the inside of the cube.

Now the old cube is looking better! (Note the old scratched up logo next to the newly installed one.)


Hmm. There's a trick.... I have a couple of spare printers, and one cube missing a logo. :)


Oh, good! You can avoid opening the cube to remove the old logo if it's just missing. I think just hot melt gluing the logo on from the outside should be more than enough!