OS 4.2 / VMWare 5 - Mouse Gone Crazy

Started by Mr Ksoft, March 12, 2006, 11:54:40 AM

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Quote from: "tomaz"I have a pretty up-to-date guide on installing OpenStep 4.2 on vmWare prepared if it would be of interest to anybody.

We would be happy to host your guide here.  Please send me a PM and I'll put it online.

Thanks.  :)

Please do not PM this account as it's not active.


Special thanks to Tomaz for allowing us to host his excellent guide on running NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP on emulation software.  It's available in rtf and pdf format.



Please do not PM this account as it's not active.


I have updated the guide. v0.2 has the following changes:

- corrects many errors
- speed benchmarks of vmWare vs. Parallels Workstation on the same (PC) hardware. Conclusion, on my hardware: vmWare has faster display, but much slower disk I/O and networking.
- ideas on how to get around the 4GB filesystem limit (Unix/Linux host, NFS serve a large partition, OpenStep guest OS NFS mounts it via host-only networking).