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Started by jonathonbaxter, July 13, 2008, 10:24:19 AM

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I have an original copy of the NEXT logo presentation I would like to share with everyone.  Sure, you have probably seen it before in Paul Rand's book and heard the stories about the 100k price.  If I could, let me tell you mine.

My Dad, who worked at Apple at the time as a technical writer/instructional designer, heard about Mr. Job's hiring of Paul Rand. According to my Father, Mr. Jobs didn't even know of Paul Rand until he was on the hunt to make a logo "to surpass Apple's".  I mean, Apple had an Apple for a logo... that's pretty dead on smart.  Mr. Jobs shifted gears to graphic design.

- Side Note -   My Father was the first person to ever Desktop Publish a book, it was about how to Desktop Publish a book on the Macintosh. =). He always had an interest in Typography, Graphic Design, and Printing/Production.

Paul Rand was hired to design the logo for 50k, with the following rules:  he would ask some questions concerning the mission of NEXT, and then he would leave. There will be no updates, no revisions, no meetings. he will return with a logo and if it is accepted, another 50k would be paid to him.

Mr. Rand returned with this small brochure (not the 100+ page document that is written about all over the net.. i think people got the 100 from the price of the logo design).  This NEXT logo brochure really brings you into the mind of a great designer. Steve Jobs was so overtaken by this proposal,  that he asked Mr. Rand if he could make copies... to use as marketing material to potential investors.

my Dad walked up to Paul Rand's secretary and asked for one. and walked out of NEXT's office with a copy.  

One Paul Rand expert said that originally there were only about 100 or less copies printed, then Jobs ordered about 10,000 copies for promotional because he loved it so much. I don't think that order ever went through..... except for some reprints done by Rand's printer and friend Mario Rampone.  Original bindings were done with "French folds".

The copy I have is printed on what looks like loops of paper... the binding is coming apart...  here are some pics.  


P.S.   it is for sale, if any one is interested




it would be great to gave this scanned in for everyone to be able to see. (unless there is one scanned in already)
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I have one. The photos posted by jonathonbaxter (above) are great! I wouldn't want to scan mine since the binding would crack. jonathonbaxter shows all of the pages anyway. I'm also thankful to jonathonbaxter for giving more details on what the document actually is. Mine is bound the same way: the outside edge of every two pages is uncut and printing is only on one side of the paper. It almost looks like an error in the binding process. Strange. I was never aware it was called "French fold" binding. It is a very beautiful document. I saw it on ebay back in November 2006 and lost out on an auction of a handful (~5) at a 'buy it now' auction, then the guy who listed them added another (a few days?) later. A single bidder bought all of the first group! I pounced at it when another was put up for 'buy it now'. I've recorded my total paid including shipping was $54.00 paid on 11/10/06. When I got the name of the seller through Paypal I was delighted to find that the seller was associated with NeXT since the very early days! So I'm confident it's not a fake. I'm not giving his name for respect for his privacy. I guess he was 'cleaning house' and happened to have a few of the Rand presentation brochures he was willing to part with. About '100 or less' printed? Boy, I feel lucky! I'm very grateful to the ex-NeXT employee who sold me one.

Here's a view that jonathonbaxter doesn't show in his photos. This photo includes the text that accompanies the final version of the logo-


Wow!  That's great!  Two things to add:

#1  Seeing the last page, it looks as if it was printed wrong... am I seeing that correctly?  Mine does not look like that... interesting....

#2  Found these GREAT pictures from the previously mentioned Paul Rand expert at paul-rand.com.  These were the only other pictures I could find online.  These were taken of a reprint, but the quality is outstanding.  Go to http://www.paul-rand.com/identity.shtml and scroll down towards the bottom.

Thanks a lot, idylukewild, for your input!



What looks printed wrong? I guess my lighting makes the picture look a little red so the 'e' in NeXT looks orange. Is that it?

Thanks for the link. Looks like my brochure. How do you know the photos online were taken from a reprint?

Thanks again for bringing our attention to this interesting piece of NeXT history!


what about this?

text is half cutted


Oh! That! Well if you hold one of these brochures, you'll see it is very hard to open the pages flat. I guess I could but it might break the spine. If you look at the other photos of the booklet you'll see that everybody holds the pages  open pretty loosely. I guess nobody wants to rip the thing apart to photograph pages. Xeroxing or scanning is out of the question for me because of the 'hold open loosely or break spine' issue. I've replaced the photo above with a photo of the page held open a little farther. Hey, the color looks better too!

I'm still wondering how jonathonbaxter knows the brochure photographed for paul-rand.com "were taken of a reprint". Any thoughts?


Incidentally, some of this information (and a little more) is included in the book "The NeXT Big Thing".  The author of the book spends most of his time making snide remarks about how bad a businessperson Steve Jobs is, but there is indeed some good information in there.


I see on page 78 Stross quotes from the brochure and refers to it in endnote 66 as "Paul Rand, NeXT Brochure, spring 1986".