Installing MOSX Server 1.0, MOSX 10.2 Server, and OS9

Started by CarlP, July 24, 2008, 12:03:33 AM

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Is it possible to install Mac OS X Server 1.0, Mac OS X Server 10.2, and Mac OS 9 on the same hard drive on a Wallstreet Powerbook?  Previously I had tried installing OSXS 1.0 and 10.2 on separate partitions (1.0 on the first partition and 10.2 on the second) but I was unable to select 1.0 after 10.2 was installed.  I was hoping to install Mac OS 9 on the second partition along with 10.2.  I currently have 1.0 and OS 9 on separate partitions and all is working great so I don't want to blow it all away trying again if it's not possible.  Any help would be appreciated!