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Started by adcurtin, August 07, 2008, 01:46:26 AM

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I just recently got back into NeXTSTEP after looking into installing it in vmware fusion. I have a ton of questions, and they're about all sorts of hardware. I will try to keep the questions in the right forum, but since I have so many, they may overlap or be misplaced. Regarding white hardware:

1. I have a bunch of old PCI videocards, would any of them be supported in NS, or is it mostly ISA? (I might have an S3, I'm not sure, I know I have a diamond multimedia or 2)

2. What would be the best processor type I could use for NS? (I.E. if I were to build an optimal white NS box, what would I use?). I have P1, P1mmx, P2, P3, P4, AMD K6, Cyrix x686 (PR166+).

3. How much ram does NSx86 support max?

4. SCSI or IDE? I have a few PCI SCSI controllers, maybe one or two supported by NS3.3, would it be better to use that or IDE?

5. Networking: I have a bunch of old network cards, mostly ISA 10Mbit EMC cards, but I also have some newer PCI cards, would any of these work with NS? Also, is there any support for PC Card net cards? I just installed NS3.3 on a gateway solo 5100, and it would be awesome if I could get that online.

I think thats it for now in White hardware.