Deciding between Vmware Fusion and Parallels

Started by astroboy, August 10, 2008, 09:37:41 AM

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Hi guys! Long time no see!

I recently bought a MacBook Pro, so I decided to put good old OPENSTEP in it.

The first step was to select the virtualization software. For me, that choice was difficult, given that it seems the info is scattered on the Internet. In the end, I installed demo versions of Vmware Fusion and Parallels to see by myself which one would be better to run OPENSTEP.

My results are that you can install and run OPENSTEP in both, but each one have a pitfall:

-In Vmware Fusion everything works, including audio, but I couldn't go more than 1024x768.

-In Parallels audio does not work, but everything else worked just fine, including the desired video resolution of 1440x900.

Having these 2 choices, I decided to go with Parallels. It´s a personal choice, I prefer more screen real state than having sound, but if you are more used to listen music in your computer, Fusion would be a better choice...

I liked the fact that Parallels even lists OPENSTEP as a supported OS in their brochure, although there are no official info on how it is installed or configured in their web site, so it´s a strange kind of support :P

I'm thinking of making a new how-to that integrates all the info scattered in the Internet. I was the author of the old "How to setup OPENSTEP in Vmware 3", so I think it could be fun to be of some help.

the only thing I would like to do in my OPENSTEP box is configuring DHCP,  to access Internet via bridged device. Found some guides, with awfully hard and contradictory info... any of you know a relatively easy way to setup DHCP in OPENSTEP?

All the best,