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Started by cocoarevo, March 22, 2006, 01:30:25 PM

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Is there any way for NS 3.3 to work with an ATI Xpert card?


You can get the driver for the ATI Rage Video card for NS 3.3 here.

Please read the details here which describe ATI XPERT @ Work and ATI XPERT @ Play are supported Products.

I use Matrox MGA Millennium for NS 3.3.


It won't work, for some reason. I install the driver, pick that driver for the display, and try all the color modes, but it won't work. Any ideas?


Try the VESA driver. Most cards work with it.


Try this :
Log in as root. Open up a terminal window and look at private!adm/messages with 'more' commands. There should be a list of Plug and Play ID's or devices found. There should be some hexadecimal numbers for each device (found your ati) For my card the ID is : 0x47421002/0x00841002 . Now, leave that window open and start the system configuration program. Under the vga icon, select the atirage driver. Now, click on expert mode. Change the ID in the System config/expert mode window (for me I ve try 0x47421002). Save the settings, logout, and reboot. If all goes well, you should have color