EIDE: Can I use > 2G (4G) of disk space on my HD?

Started by armus2112, September 26, 2008, 08:22:12 PM

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OS 4.2 intel:  This site:
answers this question (See below)

I'm a bit disappointed. I have an 8GB IDE hard drive in my white PC and, well, I can only have 1 partition huh?  Bummer.

QuoteA2.2. No. OpenStep 4.2 does not support multiple OpenStep partitions on EIDE disks, and the maximum disk partition size in OpenStep 4.2 is 4G. More
     than 1 partition per SCSI disk should as far as I know work, but
     apparently does not work with the supported PCMCIA SCSI controller cards
     (see A3.1). (does anyone know if this is a limitation of the Adaptec
     SlimScsi cards or the driver?)

     Note that the largest partition size that OpenStep, at least version 4.2
     with patch 4 (the Y2K patch) applied, is 4GB, not 2GB. There are no
     problems using partitions larger than 2G. Application software, including
     Unix system utilities, may, however, be confused by such partitions. The
     only standard Unix utilities for which people have reported problems
     are dump and restore, which apparently only handle volumes up to 2GB in
     size. Quite in which version support for 4GB partitions was added,
     however, is information that appears to have been lost in the mists of

     Older versions of OpenStep also had problems handling partitions starting
     at a point above the 4G mark on a disk, but this is (as of release 4.1?)
     no longer so.


This above link disagrees with this:


"I have OS 4.2 with patch 4. I get a 10GB IDE drive in it and OS won't
recognize it as 10GB. So I had to shrink the OS space to 8GB and the
other 2 GB wasted. The entire 8GB space is partitioned as one 4GB, two
2GB partitions. This is done by using "disk" shell command.




I found this which I believe explains the matter:

Given that I created ONE 2GB UFS partition when I first installed Openstep, it appears I cannot just create another partition now... :(

3. I'm still wondering how to handle multiple OPENSTEP partitions on a
> large IDE disk.

Can't be done.  OPENSTEP limits you to one UFS partition.  What you CAN do,
however, is to define a single, large partition > 4GB, and when using 'disk'
to partition/format it, it'll chop it into "slices" that are each <2GB.
That way you end up with 2 or more virtual partitions (again, called
"slices") for your use.