Caps-Lock - freezing my Openstep PC

Started by armus2112, October 14, 2008, 03:27:23 PM

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On my SE440BX2 motherboard with PII-450Mhz, holding down the Caps-lock key when in standard "USA" keyboard mapping will lock the system, i.e. keyboard/mouse input is frozen.

Workaround is to use /NextDeveloper/Demos/ to open the /NextLibrary/Keyboards/USA.keymapping file and map Caps-lock to a dead key. Or use the 'NextUSA' keyboard mapping. By the way, you use the Preferences app to select your mapping (the icon with the little flags)
However in NeXT, apparently holding command-shift (which is Alt-Shift on my PC keyboard) is designed to trigger the Caps-lock keycode, so doing this will also freeze my input.

Question: is there a way to disable command-shift triggering Caps-lock? There is no way I see to somehow re-map these modifier keys in the app.

google search results on this issue:

Same question asked in 1990 !!!



Apple has a tech article on this very issue. I've generally avoided those systems since I first read about the issue back in 1999, so I've never had to attempt a workaround.


IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!  (the 'Legacy USB enable' BIOS option fixed it)

Man, let me just say I searched far and wide for this Apple tech article "Pentium II Incompatibilities". I knew the article existed via NextAnswers but couldn't find the content. I googled like crazy last night. The NextAnswer itself referred to the Apple TIL n72633. But the link was broken. I spent 2 hrs trying to fix this issue!