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RIP Dimension

Started by brams, April 13, 2006, 04:44:35 AM

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I bought a load of NeXT stuff of eBay a while ago, with this lot was a NeXTdimension.  I recently swapped the simms out of my other dimension into it and put it in my cube, nothing happens, I hear the cube kick into life but nothing appears on the screen.  I checked and the LED is dead, it's not showing anything at all and remains off all the time.  I pulled it out, reseated the simms, checked and found a couple of dry soldered joints, I fixed them but it's still dead as a dodo.

Does anybody, have any quick checks that I can do or try and ressurect this beast?
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Sorry for the bump but it just hit me.

Did you ever try the toaster oven re-flow trick?

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