KB & Mouse pinouts, SUN and NeXT HW

Started by SeryInMD, January 29, 2009, 08:04:17 AM

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There is ample information on the internet concerning pinouts for Sun keyboards and mice (mini din8), but I have yet to find pinout information for NeXT non-ADB hardware. The larger question is, are they compatible? I have a SPARC station 20 and a NeXTstation color (non-ADB) and I would like to share the keyboard/mouse/video. The video questions have been answered for me, so I do not need this information (there seem to be a lot of topics concerning this). Ultimately I would like to share the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse with my Macs as well, but we'll start here first  :wink:  The pinout information would be very useful, though.