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Started by cuby, April 17, 2006, 04:33:01 AM

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A friend recently gave me a Sparc 5 (70 MHz, but 232 MB RAM!) with TurboGX (CG 6) framebuffer. Right now, it's installing NS 3.3 from an original single-speed Sun external CD-ROM drive. Sloooowww ;-).

Now, I have at least one system for every officially supported NS/OS platform: a NeXTcube, a Mono and a TurboColor Station, two HP 712/60 "Geckos", the Sparc 5 and an AMD Duron 1200 (x86).

I've also got some 88k machines here (non-NeXT, of course - Motorola Series 900; beautiful machines)... but no NeXT 88k prototype, unfortunately  ;)

-- cuby


Sehr toll!  So how does it seem speed-wise as compared to the HP Gecko (which, I see, is the 60MHz)? Too bad you didn't end up with a 110MHz SS5 - I find NextStep works very nicely on it (good enough for everyday computing).