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SCSI <-> CF Card?

Started by urbanape, April 17, 2006, 10:45:23 AM

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Anyone know of a SCSI to CF card adapter? I'm curious about the feasibility of a "fewer moving parts" nextstation. The phrases I've searched Google for seem to turn up lots of component manufacturers of all sorts of SCSI - something adapters and something - CF adapters, but nothing that would directly connect the two.


CF cards can be easily adapted to IDE using just a mechanical adapter, e.g.

So, in theory, a SCSI-to-IDE-Adapter like one of these connected to the CF-IDE adapter should work if the LVD SCSI interface on these adapters can be convinced to work in non-differential mode as a standard SCSI-1 disk interface.

Beware - this is only a crazy idea, I never actually tried this out...

-- cuby


Everything about this forum is a crazy idea :wink: