Video acceleration on PM 8500 / Rhapsody 5.6

Started by MahRain, March 30, 2009, 07:51:21 AM

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I've just got my Mac OS X Server 1.2 installation up and running on my Power Macintosh 8500 (180 MHz / 192MB). Installation went smoothly and stuff seems to be running well, however, I find the video performance very slow, like a Mac OS 9 machine without a proper video driver. I'm using the build-in video of the 8500. Is a video driver missing, can I get one somewhere or is this just what the machine can do?

Also, Mac OS X Amp on Rhapsody won't play using the sound output, also a machine issue? I do have system beeps and stuff through the build-in speaker.


As I recall the stock 8500 comes with 2 MB of video memory... which means your limited to thousands of colors for resolutions greater than 1024x768 (which is about the minimum resolution  I recommend if you are planning on using it for workstation like tasks). On that type of system I usually run with 4 MB of video memory when using the onboard video (I have 4 MB in my 8600 right now, but I am using the onboard video to run the second display... I'm using an ATI Rage 128 with 16 MB of video memory for the main display, with both set at 1024x768).

As for performance of my systems under Mac OS X Server 1.2, I can play video (with supported codecs) nicely... and both my 8600 and PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (with 4 MB of video memory) play Quake II full screen nicely too.

As for sound, does other audio work in other applications? For example, can you record and playback a sample sound in Or you could try the same thing using a sound editor like

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The other thing to keep in mind is that not all MP3 files are built the same (though they should be). I use a moderate encoding level in iTunes to import audio for my system... and I'm pretty sure I can encode via Blue Box using a modified version of iTunes 1.0 that works in Mac OS 8.6.

Which brings up another question... do you have audio from Blue Box?

Other than testing to see that all my versions of Rhapsody ran on an 8500, I've never used one specifically for running Rhapsody, I favored the 7500 because it was easier to do internal work on it. When I used one as my main system I had a 604e card in it running at 210 MHz with 512k of L2 cache on the logic board and 4 MB of video memory... plus an IMS TwinTurbo video card with 8 MB of video memory used for my main display on that system. And I was able to record/play back sound and play music via MacOSXAmp on that system. The logic boards are the same for both systems, so what works on a 7500 (with a 604 processor) should also work on an 8500.