Trouble with Rhapsody DR2 initial driver selection

Started by John Musbach, April 07, 2009, 09:28:42 AM

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John Musbach

Hi, I'm trying to get Rhapsody DR2 installed on a Dell Poweredge 1400 just for kicks. However the server uses a Adaptec 78xxx series SCSI adapter which Rhapsody does not support "out of the box". However I have found a driver which from what I've read seems like could work here: (stable: however putting it on a floppy formatted FAT16 or HFS (not +) does not seem to work as the Rhapsody DR2 installer simply complains that it can't read the disk. I've also tried using the openstep 4.2 beta drivers listed here: (read that openstep drivers will work in rhapsody--used dd, worked fine for official rhapsody boot and drivers disks) but the installer didn't like that either. What am I missing here? I have noticed that Mac OS X leopard will not boot the official rhapsody floppy images or the floppies themselves implying that it's not using HFS/HFS+/Apple UFS, does Rhapsody use its own proprietary filesystem? If so, is there any hope of being able to format disks with that format under Mac OS X Leopard or will I just have to try a solution compatible with the "out of box" drivers?