30 pin simms

Started by niteshooter, October 28, 2008, 08:16:53 AM

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I did a quick search, sorry if this has been covered before.

For my NeXT cube 040 model can I swap out the 1mb simms for 4mb simms from old Macs? I also have some 16mb simms from Quadras however they look too tall to fit.

Also a dumb question, I took a fast look at the simm sockets. How do you pull the old simms? I couldn't see tabs so do you yank them straight up and out or do you push them back somehow.

Don't want to force anything as simm sockets (especially in old Mac SE/30's) have a tendency to disintegrate.

Thank you.



Figured it all out. Used a pair of curved forcepts in the hole on the simm. The levered it out. No problems.

The Mac 4mb simms worked out fine, the 16mb simms are 2mm too tall.


30-pin SIMMs bigger than 4MB don't work in NeXT machines anyway, right?


I found a appropriately sized allen wrench is ideal as well