Does Mac OS X Server 1.0-1.2v3 support CPU upgrade cards?

Started by unixphreak, September 01, 2009, 05:20:18 AM

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Now I am not new to the subject of Rhapsody-NS/OS-Mac OS X Server, but I have never heard and official or unofficial yes or no to supported upgrade cpu cards in either older PCI based Powermacs or the AGP G4 Powermacs, except one instance at RacerX's website about using Rhapsody 5.1 with a Powerbook 3500 "Kanga" that needed a patch to support the G3 cpu. I know that SMP is out of the question so we won't talk about it. I would just like to have the opportunity to run it with something a little speedier than a 450-500mhz machine.

thanks for all your answers in advance.


Well, the couple of attempts I've tried where at best mixed.

I attempted to run 5.6 on my Wallstreet with a G4/500 upgrade... it ran, but was a little flakey (so I stuck with the stock G3/300).

I also attempted to run 5.6 on an 8500 with a G3/300 upgrade, but it didn't feel as fast as it should have (it showed up as a G3, but I don't know if I was getting the full 300 MHz out of it or use of the 1 MB of L2 cache). The upgrade required software to run correctly in Mac OS 8/9, and I think Rhapsody wasn't able to get the most out of the daughter card without something similar.

On the other hand, I've had great luck with swapping stock 604 daughter cards (from Apple or Power Computing) into my 7500.

If you are considering an upgrade to a PowerMac G4 and if the upgrade requires additional software to run correctly normally, there is a good chance that you'll run into some type of issues running Rhapsody on it. If you are swapping in a faster Apple processor and changing the jumpers to a faster clock speed, that might work without too many issues.

The main issues with third party upgrades is that they usually require a software work-a-round to get the system to do something it wouldn't normally do (like running at a clock speed other than what the logic board jumpers would specify).

That is about all the experience and anecdotal information I've got on the subject.  :oops: