vMac or mini vMac for NeXTStep

Started by andreas_g, October 01, 2009, 10:47:22 AM

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Hello NeXT Community,

I am interested in a NeXTStep-compatible build of vMac (//www.vMac.org) or mini vMac (//www.minivmac.com).

On www.vMac.org there is a downloadable version of vMac for NeXTStep, which unfortunately doesn't work. Is anyone out there who got it working?

Maybe someone who has better programming/compiling skills than me is able to compile mini vMac for NeXTStep. This would be even greater than the outdated vMac.

Thank you in advance!




I want this, but can work on a black hw?


Looks intel only, but they don't provide the source on the vmac site. It'd take quite a lot of work to adapt to black hardware, you'd want a lot of optimisations to use 680x0 native calls not emulated. Something like ShapeShifter from the AmigaOS world would be much more effective on NeXT black hardware. At one point, Amigas with 68060 accelerators running ShapeShifter were the fastest Macs around, beating even Quadras. So ShapeShifter ported to NextStep would be a nice solution.

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I couldn't help but check here:

the source code for minivmac is there, although in a disk image...

If you have a real mac you can mount it, or use hfvexplorer on a windows machine...

There is source for OSX but at a glance it's either carbon or OpenGL based so it wouldn't really help nextstep/openstep...
# include <wittycomment.h>


nothing like digging up the dead....


100% untested!

Although it sure does look like UAE's 68000
# include <wittycomment.h>