Any remaining Mac OS X Server 1.x networks left in the wild?

Started by unixphreak, November 18, 2009, 11:48:46 PM

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Since there has been no discussion in this forum, I am wondering if there are any Mac OS X Server 1.x (further more known as MXS) networks out in business or the internet besides RacerX :)?
Any users that have MXS as a server and utilized as workstation for something other than an experiment in curiosity?

Also who would be interested in a site dedicated to just MaXS? The reason I ask is that I have found it very difficult to track down a lot of software and information for this great OS. I know RacerX has his site focusing on Rhapsody in general, I just want to focus on MXS.

I have tracked down a lot of software from FTP sites and am working on getting all of it arranged in a logical manner and having only the most recent and usable versions to make the repository a small as possible.

A lot of the FTP sites have doubles and triples of most of the software and it make it very time consuming and difficult to track down what you are looking for. Plus not all of the FTP sites have all the available software so you have to search like mad to find what you want like I did.

So in closing, who has a working or current network of MXS and who would like to see a site dedicated to just MXS.


Well, my site covers what I mostly use... which actually is mainly Mac OS X Server 1.2 (on two systems).

I haven't used Rhapsody 5.1 in more than a year. Not since I put together a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet running Rhapsody 5.6 as my main mobile Rhapsody system. My ThinkPad has been mainly used as an OPENSTEP system since then.

If my site has shortcomings or massive gaps in information, I welcome others to fill in the blanks if they want to.

But I'd be curious to know what I haven't covered that people want covered though. Most of my articles are based on questions people have asked me in the past and I'm always interested in adding new content when people have new questions.

It is kind of interesting to here that my site is viewed as focusing on Rhapsody in general when all this time I've been worried that the site was too focused on Rhapsody 5.3-5.6 (Mac OS X Server 1.x). Specially as things like the archived documentation for Rhapsody is almost exclusively for Mac OS X Server.

I, personally, haven't spent much time on the server aspects of Mac OS X Server. At one point I had screen shots of the server set up pages displayed in a web browser (as that is the only way to access them) and thought about setting up a mini NetBoot network or Quicktime server... but no one ever seemed interested in those aspects, and I don't use them myself.

All that having been said, I more than welcome additional sites covering Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server. I love the subject and don't really like reading my own stuff, so I'm all for other's endeavors in this area!


I would be using it if you could virtualize it.  I have no room for any additional hardware, but I do have room for additional VMs.

Anybody know of a way to virtualize OS X Server 1.2?
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