Mac '030 PDS Accelerators for NeXT?

Started by korneluk, April 28, 2006, 07:22:20 PM

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Quote from: "M Paquette"
Quote from: "Rob Blessin Black Hole"I wonder if NeXT ever had a PPC box going .... Best regards Rob Blessin

One of the NeXT hardware engineers, Ali A., had designed a daughtercard for the NeXT RISC Workstation that plugged in to replace the 88110 with a PPC 601.  This was pretty easy, as the 60X bus architecture was lifted from the 88110.  If I recall correctly, the prototype was running at 50 MHz.

It wasn't quite fully operational when hardware engineering was shut down. , I bought one I'm wondering if the NeXT Occilator chip is compatible , in theory increase the bus speed may be a higher speed 040 chip would work .... I have a lot of boards and obviously don't want to damage them but tinkering is fun LOL , I know the Pyro Accelerator works to double the clock speed 25 to 50 Mhz but it would be cool to try either boosting the ocillator or replacing it with a higher speed one , don't know if a 68060Mhz chip was ever in the mix at NeXT or if they jumped straight to PPC .   As far as I know the 68040 40Mhz Nitro was the fastest chip and it had a daughter card but the true spec is only known to a few. Any thoughts? If I'm nuts thinking this may work please tell me ...
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I think that this kind of accelerator would be a nice try as it plugs directly into the 040 socket :
The problem would be the clearance for it.