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Started by charlie_mtz, February 27, 2010, 11:39:25 AM

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I've been trying to install some apps in Rhapsody DR2. I downloaded AFS's WriteUp app from RacerX's site but it doesn't really work. The program starts but there's no page where I can write and when I try to create a new document nothing happens.

I also run it from the terminal and each time I tried to create a new document it said:
[NSConcreteMutableDictionary setObject:forKey: ]: attempt to insert nil value

Has anyone run this app successfully in Rhapsody DR2?


In the cases of both WriteUp and PasteUp, you have to start with pre-existing documents. You can erase everything and start over as if they were new ones, but you can't save any of the changes. Basically you can see how aspects of the programs work that way, but little else.

I was unsuccessful activating either WriteUp or PasteUp with previous versions' license codes, and AFS told me they are unwilling to sell any new licenses when I asked them a couple years ago when I had saved up enough money to buy licenses for both at their listed price. I'm not sure why they took that stance... from what I could tell using both apps in demo mode, they were relatively stable.

There is the possibility that they are unable to create any new license strings. Andrew Stone had run into the same problem with Create 10.0 for Rhapsody (Create 5.x uses the same license strings for either Rhapsody or OPENSTEP and wasn't a problem).

Since then, I haven't worried too much about PasteUp (as I use Create for all my page layout stuff anyways) and have been hoping to find the author of Marlowe (though that seems to have been PowerPC only) for a more powerful word processor than TextEdit.

You can find sample documents here for WriteUp and here for PasteUp.


OK thanks for the info I'll give those documents a try.


So no new create customers for Mac OS X Server?