NeXTdimension Video In/Out Ports. What software to use?

Started by NeXTsociety, April 08, 2010, 10:41:13 AM

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So, I am working on getting a NeXtdimension Cube setup.  I see the board has both video in and out ports.  I take it you can connect DVD player or other VHS devices, maybe a cam-corder, to the ports and import or export video?

If that is true, what software would I need to both import video into the NeXtcube via the NeXTdimension and also, how to export for recording to say VHS the video in question.

2nd, how is sound dealt with since these are video in and out and no audio.  How does the sound get imported/exported via NeXTdimension or does everything become a silent movie. hehehe



If i'm not wrong:

- you can import analog video signal (PAL or NTSC) and watch it in live, using, and grab some pictures.

-you should be able to export a view (PAL or NTSC resolution) of the computer color screen in live to a video signal that you may display on tv.

Every NeXT computer do have sound input/output (44kHz or at least 8kHz), so it should be possible to get the sound.