LCD that works perfectly with NextStation TurboColor ADB?

Started by jdemas, June 06, 2010, 07:39:04 PM

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I've gone through a lot of posts to see what LCD monitors work well with the NextStation TurboColor ADB.

There are some LCD monitors that image with the ADB computers... BUT they stretch the vertical image so that the recycler and bottom of the screen are running off the viewable area and also exhibit distortion of the image.

So, does anyone have actual experience with a 19-24" LCD monitor that works with the NeXTstation TurboColor ADB... and perfectly... with no stretching or distortion of the image at all... just as if it were a NeXT monitor?  (so displayed images, text and drawing all look true and accurate)


-- Jim

PS... I'll point out that I don't mind if there are black bars or unused space on the monitor... I just don't want any distortion or stretching of the image.  Along with the model number, it would be really great if someone can post a picture showing the screen display of an LCD that works great.


I use a HP LP2445w and it works fine with my Nextstation Turbo Color. It supports Original Resolution (with black borders), Stretched with Aspect Ratio and Full screen. Hooked it up with a normal 13W3 VGA Adapter.