Sparc/HP Gecko DHCP Package Coming Soon

Started by kb7sqi, July 04, 2010, 01:58:34 AM

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This forum hasn't seen a new post in a while so I figured I'd post this here.  :wink: In my spare time, besides trying to get everything ready to throw on DVD's, I've been working on several new things.  This morning, I can finally say I have one of those ports working 100% at least on the HP Gecko running NEXTSTEP 3.3.  8)   The gecko/sparc have never seen any love when it came to getting a DHCP package for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP.  There's been several 2.0 releases for m68k/x86.  While working on updating the dhcp-2.0pl5 port w/ some security patches that have been needed for quite some time, I decided to get dhcp working on my Gecko.  I still need to figure out a better way to get the "mac address" from netinfo/system via the program, but for now it's working.  I'll at least be able to create a working release for m68k/gecko soon.   I've search hi & low trying to find the netinfo patch for dhcp, but haven't had any luck.   If you have this some where in your archives, I'd love to have a copy.  So how well does it work on the Gecko?  It's finally AWESOME!  I normally use static IP's for all my servers, but it's nice to finally have the option to use it on my Gecko if needed.  If you're running a Gecko w/ NEXTSTEP 3.3 right now & need a working package, drop me a email.  I'll be happy to send you a copy.  More soon.  Take care.