RS232 / serial programming guide

Started by cybercow, October 18, 2010, 02:16:30 AM

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Hi all, im wondering if someone has any link or resource about rs232/serial communication programming and/or examples for next/openstep. Searching through internet don't give me any good point of start. Thank you in advance.



Hi, thank you for your post, really useful article! Will start from there! Well i was searching 4 a long time for a nice hobby development platform, and seems openstep is just what i needed, lightweight, integrated, powerful, elegant and well documented, as a big + the hardware needed to run, is in fact near-to-free, i can't ask 4 more! And as i learned a BIG advantage -> anything maded for openstep can be easily "ported up" and upgraded either to GNUstep or even OSX, so the app lifecycle is never in a "dead road" and that's admirable!

As a part of learning proccess of Obj-C / C (that i started in the meantime), i switched my project to openstep. The hobby project is to make an simple weather station software, for a RS232 interfaced weather station i own, and my hopes are to bring it live soon :)

Best regards!


Sounds great, I felt the same when I discovered that Nextstep could be run as a VM some years ago.

I happened to get hold of the development kit and enjoyed poking around.
Reminded me a lot of my old Amiga days.

You could also try to sift through the ftp archives and find some example programs using serial communication for Nextstep/Openstep.

Good luck!