Powerbook Kanga Mac OS X Server 1.2 SCSI Compatibility

Started by unixphreak, December 02, 2010, 02:55:03 PM

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This is for RacerX since I cannot find and email to contact him.
I am getting another Kanga after I sold my last in 2007. What I need to know is if the SCSI port on the Kanga is supported by MXS 1.2 so I can add more hard drives with a SCSI chain.

Thanks in advance



That is a good question.

I believe so... but I can't find any direct references to it in any of my notes. Because the Kanga and 3400 share the same logic board, what works for one should work for the other... unfortunately I didn't have a SCSI adapter on hand at the time I had 1.2 installed on my 3400, so I wasn't able to check that out.

I know that isn't a very good answer... sorry about that.  :oops:



thank you for the information, I got sniped for the Kanga so now cross your fingers on a 292Mhz Wallstreet. So it should really make Mac OS X Server fly!!!!