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G3 accelerator working on DR2

Started by protocol7, February 06, 2011, 04:55:38 PM

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After a bit of trial-and-error I've got my G3 accelerator card working under DR2.

I used G3G4CacheProfiler in Mac OS to get some of the SRAM details needed for the configuration file. The last few settings were the result of trying different option followed by a hard-freeze and a system reset (as I wasn't going to do what the author did and remove the heatsink to see the chip model).

For me, the setting that was causing the system to lock-up when the cache was enabled was "CacheDifferentialClock". It was enabled in the sample template and this tied into the CacheRAMType. Changing the CacheRAMType and disabling CacheDifferentialClock got the cache working.

There's a couple of settings that I'm not sure are set correctly (such as CacheParityEnable) but the system is stable and running MacBench in the BlueBox shows a significant speed boost :)

So for anyone interested, here's the config for my card:

"Title" = "phase5 MACCELERATE!750-375";
"Family" = "";
"Location" = "";
"Bus Type" = "";
"Auto Detect IDs" = "";
"Instance" = "0";
"Driver Name" = "G3CacheEnabler";
"DMA Channels" = "";
"IRQ Levels" = "";
"Memory Maps" = "";
"I/O Ports" = "";
"Class Names" = "G3CacheEnabler";
"CacheEnable" = "NO";
"CacheParityEnable" = "YES";
"CacheRAMSize" = "3";
"CacheClockRatio" = "4";
"CacheRAMType" = "2";
"CacheControl" = "YES";
"CacheWriteThrough" = "YES";
"CacheOutputHold" = "0";
"CacheDLLSlow" = "NO";
"CacheDifferentialClock" = "NO";
"CacheDLLBypass" = "NO";

You can download G3CacheEnabler from this page on RacerX's site