Identifier Names

Started by openstepjunky, May 15, 2011, 09:04:39 AM

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I know this is a little bit off-topic, but I will post it nevertheless.
Here's a method of specifying identifiers.

Identifiers are made up of two parts: The prefix and the local name.
A Prefix can be of different forms. Its broken up into two parts:
The primary and secondary prefix.

The primary prefix can be of three different forms:
       o 'Pds' (first is capital, the rest lower-case)
       o 'PDS' (all are captials)
       o 'pds' (all are lower-case)

The secondary prefix (separator) can be:
       o '_' Character
       o '$' Character
       o Empty

There are a total of 3*3=9 different forms of prefixes.

Local Names
The first word local name starts with a capital letter if the primary prefix starts with one, else is lower-case. All other letters are lower-case.
All other words can be of two different forms:
       o System (they start with a capital letter)
       o system (all are small letters)


Digital VMS uses the '$'-Character as seperator between prefix and
Windows uses the last method.

My prefered method is the first one, since it clearly separates the prefix
and the local-name and words within the local-name.

What is your prefered way and why ?