NeXT hardware and software horde

Started by Radegonde, June 22, 2011, 02:45:09 AM

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Between 19992 -95 Mark Chamberlain and I had a company called Xexos. We used the Object Oriented programming capabilities of NEXTSTEP to devlope risk management and live feed software for financial houses and market traders in London and in Huston

I'm now downsizing and - lo and behold - I have some NeXT Kit that may be of interest

You'll find a link to a 'SendIt' folder which contains pictures of the bits and pieces that I have found.

It a big folder - 66 Mb - but what you will find really is amazing so - pull it down and have a look

I got the kit connected yesterday and tried to boot up. The monitor is a 17" IIlyama which will sync on green and I've had to jury rig a mouse. You can see all this in the pics.

On my first attempt it complained that the real time clock was 'preposterous' and asked for it to be reset. I must have got that wrong because all that happens now is a 'checking disc' return in the booting panel. I could send you a clip showing this happening

The one thing that I do seem to have lost is the SCSI CD drive so I haven't been able to re-install.

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