better patch for qemu 0.8.1

Started by neozeed, June 03, 2006, 11:51:08 PM

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No thanks, I'll build my own.
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Sorry if im spamming here..... but I figure people here may actually use this.. At anyrate so this doesnt 'jam' up here is my diff with all kinds of fixes.

this fixes the SDL mouse bug, includes busmouse support. patches the pci interrupt vector so the networking works, fixes the audio to be on irq 7 (disable the printer port for soundblaster support), and finally adds pcap networking so you dont have to nat.  Ive even gotten my nextstep VM to map to a netware server!.. Very cool, if I do say so myself.

If anyone needs/wants I could provide binaries........
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Wow. Thanks for this mega-patch-file.

It patched and compiled fine here on Linux (x86) with gcc 3.4.4, Qemu 0.8.1,
Openstep 4.2 is starting up fine, with mouse support, sound, 2bit graphic. It even recognizes the ethernet card.

But I still cannot get "real" networking to work (same problems as in qemu 0.8.0).

I start up with the command:
qemu -m 128 -soundhw sb16 -hda os42p4.img -boot c -net nic -net user

In Openstep I have the following network settings:


Command ifconfig -a shows the IP as up and running on en0.
Routing settings are done automatically from Hostmanager and seem ok to  me.
Pinging to and works fine from the OS4.2 machine.

But how can I connect to the OS4.2 machine from my host machine?
Or vice versa?
I do not understand in wich way the host and guest network are connected.

Thank you for any hind
and greetings from sunny Germany


I hear Brazil is beating New Zealand 2 / 0..

lol anyways with -net nic -net user you cannot 'ping' outside of the virtual 10 network.  Try connecting to something on the internet... ftp is really touch & go (mostly doesnt work for me) but try telneting to .  I'll leave this box up for a while today... ;)
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Oh. Network was indeed working fine as it was set up.
I simply did not recognize it, caused by wrong testing (ping instead of some telnet to port 80 etc).
I now can surf webpages from my OS42 virtual machine in 2bit graphics *hehe* :)
Ftp is not working for me, too, but AFAIR this is normal with the old NeXT ftp client. I will try ncftp as a next step.

Thank you very much for your help
(and patches)

BTW: I have no idea about soccer, but Brazil beating New Zealand seems quite normal to me ;)


passive mode ftp... the ncftp that I built doesnt do that though.... What I end up doing is either putting what I want on a HTTP server & lynxing it over, or makeing cdrom iso's and mounthing them....

Although now that Ive gotten Novell Netware to work im wondering about using that as middle ground... Its just too bad the host can see the VM, although VM's can see eachother.
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I use Frank Siegert's ncftp build from

and it works fine on my OS4.2 virtual machine...