SparcStation Voyager Benchmarks with NWBench

Started by pl212, November 16, 2011, 06:09:22 PM

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14" Color SPARCstation Voyager.
64 Mb RAM
OEM Toshiba 810Mb 2.25" SCSI hard drive

Tested under Y2k-patched NextStep 3.3.

Name of System: SPARCstation Voyager
CPU Speed:  60 MHz microSPARC II
Disk Subsystem: Toshiba MK2628FB 2-1/4" Single Ended Fast SCSI
LAN Adaptor: Built-In
Graphics Card and Resolution: Color 14" 1024x768

"Kernel Flags" = "";
"Boot Graphics" = "Yes";
"Version" = "1.1";
"Active Drivers" = "SUNMouse SunAudio";
"Instance" = "0";
"Install Mode" = "No";
"Kernel" = "mach_kernel";
"Language" = "English";
"Boot Drivers" = "CG6FrameBuffer SunLe SCSAController TYPE5Keyboard";
MIPS: 59.153652

PostScript speed: D-V: 16.4   V-V: 4.8
Ethernet speed: (max 450 to the router... see note #2 below)
Disk read speed: 1844.359004
Webster benchmark: 30.128765
Compile: 52.663536

Two notes:

1) Running the tests a second time sped up the Webster lookup by 3 seconds, and the compile by 13 seconds. (Probably disk cacheing).

2) Does anyone know what the NWBench "ethernet" test actually does?  The default host is "mailhost", so I wonder if it's trying to do something with the SMTP port? Or is it just pinging?  I saw reported numbers between 80 and 400, with no rhyme or reason...