HP IIIP LaserJet On A HP 9000 712/60 (NeXT 3.3)

Started by The Balance Of Judgement, July 05, 2006, 12:23:12 AM

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The Balance Of Judgement

At work I am setting up a small corner dedicated to retro computing and have cobbled together a HP 9000 712/60 along with a HP IIIP printer.

However, I'm not familiar with setting up printers in NextStep. I did setup a printer using the print manager, but I'm lost at what are the correct settings to use the printer.

First off, the print manager gives me two options for connecting to the printer, serial port or JetDirect. I would like to use Paralel if possible, but I can use the serial port if that's all Next will suppor. The print manager says there are two serial ports available, A and B.

It also asks about speed of communication and whether to use hardware handshaking.

Any help on this would be awesome. Alot of customers like looking at the box because they remember the time when NeXT was all the rave, it would be great if I could eventually hook the system into our network. (My long term goal)