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Ghosting NeXT OS

Started by SemiMBA, July 26, 2006, 02:52:17 PM

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Hopefully I placed this post in the correct forum.

I have a NeXT OS on an HP Kayak XU 6/266 PC.  We use this computer as a UI for a piece of semiconductor capital equipment.  Is there a ghosting utility available to ghost the hard drive?  Norton's ghost doesn't work on the NeXT OS.  

Thanks for any assistance!


You could try using Partimage.  

But you'd have to add support for UFS devices (type A7)

The same goes for SystemImager.

There's also good old dump or dd.
Run 'disk' on your hard disk to determine geometry, partitions and blocksize. Check here for related information.

a 'dd if=/dev/your_hard_disk of=your_disk_image.img bs=your_block_size' ' will make a binary copy of your exising disk.  

Copy this file to another location, burn it to CD or DVD, and try restoring it to a scratch hard disk with SysRecueCD.