Q & OS 4.2 any clues how to get the trackpad working?

Started by brams, August 16, 2006, 11:42:28 AM

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Out of interest I thought I'd give Q (qemu) a shot, it installed OK but I was unable to get the mouse/trackpad to respond, I did try to install it twice and got the same problem.  I did try and alter the setting in /usr/Devices/System.config from bus mouse and also PS2 but it made difference, can anybody tell me if they worked round the problem?.  I'm trying to install on a MacBook Pro

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Do you have the patched version? If so, the NEXTSTEP 3.3 tutorial here should work with OPENSTEP 4.2 (if you change some things). Instead of the Default VGA, use Generic SVGA. Also, use the SoundBlaster 8+16 card. I know that with the patched version, the mouse works, but I don't think the trackpad does. I will try to prepare a tutorial similar to the one I linked to.