Slowly resuscitating the black hardware

Started by gaspar, July 24, 2014, 07:45:53 PM

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I've had them in the garage for years, now that I have a bit more time they're back on my desk and slowly remembering how to get things going..

I'm planning to get a SSD or Compact Flash storage and an ultra quiet fan so the next is just silent... (now sounds like a server)

I just managed to get it to connect to the internet so I can open Google, etc. but pretty disappointed that even wont show right on Onmiweb anymore

Resuscitated CubX and this week I'll get an Xserver running on a VM on the windows 8.1 PC..

So slowly is getting back.. I'll continue to do what I did years ago which is to compile new-er apps so the NextStep remains modern (as much as possible)

The most difficult part is to remember the commands, etc..

So I'm having fun ;)