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Minimum Spec PPC for Rhapsody

Started by tenzin, August 23, 2006, 12:54:13 AM

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I've been reading system requirements on the Rhapsody Resource page, and see reference to Rhapsody working on a PPC 603, (or at least when on a G3 sees that as a 603e and runs as if on one), with minimum 32 Mb RAM, and Apple supplied ATI Graphics card.

I have an Apple PowerPC 5500, 275 MHz 603ev CPU, 128 Mb RAM (I read somewhere if I get 2x Wallstreet low profile 128 Mb DIMMS it will use 256 Mb) and an ATI Rage 128.

It's the very nice black cubic all-in-one that literally deserves by nature to be running some genuine member of the Openstep family. Currently it has Mac OS 8.1 with Power MachTen 4.14 (BSD 4.4, Mach kernel, X11 etc), SuSE 6.4, and BeOS R1 and R503.

Pending me getting some 8 Gb SCSI HDDs with Apple ROMs, even though I can find no mention of it having been done before,  is it possible Rhapsody DR1 would work on this ?


PS I kept an offline copy of a similar question I asked on re mininum spec SPARC for Openstep, and RacerX's highly informative reply. Should I post this for the benefit of others ?

I wish I'd thought to cache the whole forum since then.


Generally Rhapsody wants a PCI bus... which is why Rhapsody DR2 (and later) works on a PowerBook 3400c. It uses that architecture.

Rhapsody DR1 was pretty raw. It was the minimum porting of elements of OPENSTEP to start work on the foundations of Yellow Box and was (as I recall) tied pretty closely to the PowerPC 604 processor.

As Rhapsody DR2 was a semi-final version (so developers could get apps ready for the final public release which Apple ended up pulling at the last minute), it was designed to handle a broader range of systems. The support for the 603 processor and 3400c video were added in by one of the development team because he owned a 3400c.

Of course, as it turned out, support for the 603 made adding support for the G3 easier (at least the system could be installed and then patched on a G3).

As for other Apple/Clone systems beyond those based on the Apple PCI logic boards, I don't really know. The PowerMac 5500 was based on the Alchemy logic board, which I don't recall being Rhapsody compatible. Generally what you'd want (to be sure of success) would be either a Nitro or Tsunami based logic board.

Quote from: "tenzin"PS I kept an offline copy of a similar question I asked on re mininum spec SPARC for Openstep, and RacerX's highly informative reply. Should I post this for the benefit of others ?

Plus I usually forget what I've said minutes after I say it, so I'd be pretty curious to see it too. :D


I was thinking DR1 because it has the lowest system requirements, if DR2 worked I'd be happy.

My 5500 has a Gazelle architecture logic board same as the 20th Anniversary Mac, and is a limited edition a fair bit above the average 5x00 series.

It's specifications page on EveryMac are here

I also have a PPC 9600/200MP with 512 Mb ram, which will run Rhapsody, but it's not black, or cubic :)

Thanks again for good advice.

I'll dig up the SPARC thread and post it in the Sun/HPPA department.


I found the link I originally read on Mac Info De

translated from german

Processor        PowerPC 603e    soldered firmly (no Upgrade possible)

Systembus    50 MHz

L2-Cache     Card slot for 256k or 512k L2-Cache


   * 1: PowerMac 5500, Spartacus
   * 2: PowerMac 6500

RAM    2x 5V DIMM-Slots 168 Pin 60ns (EDO)    max. 256MB


   * E-IDE
   * SCSI 5MB/s
   * OnBoard-Graphic (2MB)
   * Card slot for Apple TV/FM-Radio]
   * SubWoofer (only Performa/PowerMac 6500)
   * BOSE Soundsystem (only Spartacus)

Computer list: Apple PowerMac 5500, 6500, Spartacus

Is this enough for Rhapsody ?



Quote from: "tenzin"Is this enough for Rhapsody ?

Well, it is enough performance wise... but the question as to whether it'll run Rhapsody is more based on if Rhapsody can be booted on that type of system.

Frankly, I don't know.

The key for running Rhapsody seems to be in the firmware. Your Mac needs to be told to start up off a non-Mac formated drive. I seem to recall that NetBSD could be installed on Macs using the same system disk utility needed to point a Mac at a Rhapsody boot volume. I would guess that (beyond the basic hardware support) that what ever systems work with that utility would work with Rhapsody.

I know that it doesn't work on (for example) a PowerMac 7100, not because of the processor but because what that system uses for loading an OS on those systems. That flexibility is the first part of Rhapsody compatibility. The hardware specifications (processor, etc.) are second.

So even though people said that the 20th Anniversary was little more than a PowerBook 3400 made into a desktop... it wasn't exactly a PowerBook 3400 made into a desktop and therefore may not have the same ability to run Rhapsody that the 3400 has (even though the specs look pretty much the same).

I'm not sure if that makes sense, it is a hard distinction to describe.


Makes sense to me, this is similar to using BootX or the BeOS launcher, which both already do the job on this Mac.

The install on unsupported hardware trick I remember from the Stepwise page linked from your site, and have booted from the OS X Server install CD before and went part way through this process, but aborted before OK'ing install due to not having enough disk space.

If I can get an install and it doesn't boot afterwards, I'll try pointing BootX at the SCSI volume it's on and letting that think it's booting Unix ( I once had the mad idea of trying to trick BootX into booting a BeOS kernel to get it running on a G3, no luck so far :)

Unless there's some spooky Openfirmware minimum version number that prevents Rhapsody installing and running, I reckon I have at least a 50% chance of success, and once the HDD's I'm expecting arrive, am going for it.

I'll keep this forum posted on any success I have with it.

Thanks again,