Request for Pyro 68040 accelerator pics

Started by barcher174, April 11, 2023, 04:45:33 PM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Brian: I sent you my NeXTstation with the Pyro chip on it consider it a donation to the cause for as long as you all need it. hopefully you all will be able to reverse engineer it so we make these available in the future. also it looks like it differs from the photo's above t

Tested it and yes she works

I also found this which looks like the Mac version from newtech
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Fingers crossed that PCB board is MAX 2 layers.

Quote from: barcher174 on April 15, 2023, 04:38:11 PMAlso by newertech its the quadra overdrive cpu. Same packaging and everything.

Yeah they have that on the Amiga as well Amiga Quaddoubler and link on but is limited to only use 50mhz on o4o@25MHz

QuoteThe Quaddoubler is not strictly an Amiga product but an exception has been made because they were frequently used with the Amiga. The Quaddoubler is a small PCB (2" x 4") containing either an 040@40mhz or an 040@50Mhz with a heat sink. Some versions may also have a peltier cooler attached. The idea is that you remove your existing 040 and replace it with the Quaddoubler increasing the speed of your machine. Several models of Quaddoubler were produced and not all are suitable for use with the Amiga. The Quaddoubler used must be a multiple of the bus speed of the accelerator, for example if your existing accelerator has a 25Mhz 040 then you can only use the 50Mhz Quaddoubler, not the 40Mhz version.