SCSI2SD+microSD bundles in stock and ready to ship from USA

Started by aperezbios, September 25, 2015, 10:32:27 AM

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Quote from: "aperezbios"Hi folks,

I recently coordinated with Michael McMaster, SCSI2SD creator, and together, we completed the largest factory production run of compact 3.5" SCSI2SD adapters to date. I have two rev 5.0a bundle options available for sale and shipment from the US immediately. These units are flashed with firmware version 4.4, so there is no need to update the firmware for use with NeXTstations.

eBay: SCSI2SD with 4GB Panasonic PE-series SLC-lite microSD card $85
eBay: SCSI2SD with 256MB True Industrial Grade Single-level Cell microSD card $65*

* 10% of sale proceeds for this item goes to USA for UNHCR, which builds support within the U.S. for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which provides protection and assistance to over 20 million displaced people around the world, who have been forced to flee due to persecution or war.

For users of the NeXT Computers Forums, a $5/SCSI2SD adapter multiple-item discount is available, as is combined shipping; Just submit a best offer on eBay and cite your username and the forum name, and I'll accept.

Hello and thank every one of this helpfull forum,
i've just found a NextCube in Paris last week and i spend some hours here , the kind of computer is pretty rare here in France.
I'm very enjoy toi know that it's possible to change the noisy and old hard  drive for a CF or SD card.
I have just command the aztecmonster card and some good CF.
Do you now what kind of CF reader is compatible with a Nextcube and what kind ok scsi cables are needed,???
do you think it's possible to remplace the floppy drive by a other scsi to cf or sd card converter,?
thank a lot


Hi jpNext,

I'm not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. Why would you need an CF card reader that is compatible with the Cube?

Regarding the floppy drive: it does not have an SCSI interface. Maybe it can be replaced by somthing like the Gotek floppy emulator (


Quote from: "bobo68"Why would you need an CF card reader that is compatible with the Cube?

it comes in pretty handy if you want to install NeXTSTEP or applications. I have CF cards containing lots of different releases and app-installers on them. copied the ISO files to the CF card using the dd command. ->
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Nice. An SCSI2SD in an external enclosure should be able to do the job, too. It supports media change.