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Started by verdraith, October 19, 2015, 08:57:14 PM

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A few years ago, I posted the source code for a port of `uname' for NeXT.  As I was toying with building packages, I thought I would build a package with a quad-fat binary and make it available along with the source code.

The package can be downloaded at:

I have tested it with NS3.3 m68k (thanks, Previous), NS3.3 Intel, and OS 4.2 Intel.

Thanks to Previous, I found I could back-port it to NS2.x too -- if anyone is interested, I can provide binaries :)

p.s. there's a few other 'missing' BSD utilities in that directory -- cut, and printf -- as well as a port of the md5sum utility.
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Thanks for making these! Once I get my Pyro installed I'll give them a try on my Cube.


I would love to have NS2.x binaries. :)
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Internet Archive to the rescue.

New URLs are:

Hacked up source and stripped binary for NS2.x


Thank you for looking for'em!

Perhaps put them into the NeXTfiles archive? Maybe a new directory under Software/NEXTSTEP/ called UNIX?



I had a disk failure earlier in the year, and not yet had chance to rebuild the ESXi system yet, will be happening eventually.

Source code for these were put on GitHub a while back, I just forgot to update this thread :(
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I found a typo in the uname source code.  It's been dealt with.  Don't ask about the corpse.

New release at

I'm thinking about unifying cut, dirname, env, md5sum, printf, and uname into one single package to save effort.
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