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Started by Andreas, April 01, 2016, 06:40:36 AM

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I doubt it, but I'll let you know when mine arrives.  :D


The short answer is "no", the long one "very unlikely", because:
- NeXT uses the multiplexed bus mode of the 68040 which the 68060 does not support.
- The 68060 is not fully software compatible to the 68040, e.g. some instructions are missing. That's why the Bootrom and the OS have to be aware of the 68060. I don't think thats the case because the 68060 was released after NeXT stopped the hardware business

There's another thread about an 68060 accelerator

PS: I'll ask cosmos about this adapter in an Amiga forum (a1k.org)


Lack of hardware support in the CPU would be a bummer, but we could probably eventually patch the boot ROM to support the CPU.


Cosmos removed the "should work on NeXT" ....

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Quote from: "barcher174"Lack of hardware support in the CPU would be a bummer, but we could probably eventually patch the boot ROM to support the CPU.
I found this document http://www.nxp.com/files/32bit/doc/app_note/MC68060RPT.pdf  which is interesting  

"The MC68060 delivers up to 3 times the performance relative to its predecessor, the MC68040. Furthermore, the
MC68060 bus is very similar in comparison to the MC68040 bus. A socket adapter from Interconnect Systems is
available that converts the MC68060 bus to operate in some existing MC68040 systems. For these reasons, the
MC68060 is a viable upgrade processor to an existing MC68040-based system.However, to achieve the aggres-
sive performance target, the MC68060 leaves some instructions unimplemented to streamline internal opera-
tions. This article discusses in detail the differences between the MC68060 and the MC68040 from a software
perspective and discusses the software challenges that may arise when porting software to the new MC68060 "   can a theorised 68060 port be emulated / troubleshot in Previous  ?  And this http://www.nxp.com/products/microcontrollers-and-processors/more-processors/coldfire-plus-coldfire-mcus-mpus/68kmpus-legacy/m680x0/superscalar-68k-microprocessorbr-including-the-lc060-and-ec060:MC68060?    

Simon , Andreas , Brian , Chris ,  Mike etc and everyone on this NeXT Forum would know if its possible , even if it isn't we can probably help figure it out  .... reality distortion field in action !
The Software http://www.nxp.com/products/microcontrollers-and-processors/more-processors/coldfire-plus-coldfire-mcus-mpus/68kmpus-legacy/m680x0/superscalar-68k-microprocessorbr-including-the-lc060-and-ec060:MC68060?fpsp=1&tab=Design_Tools_Tab
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As we expected, the adapter does not work with the next. It starts up brain dead.