Rhapsody DR2 in Bochs

Started by Rhapsody Guru, September 20, 2006, 09:35:54 PM

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Rhapsody Guru


 OK... I know this thread should be related to NeXTSTEP OSes, but I am going to jump ahead of myself here. I have gotten Rhapsody DR2 (x86 version) to run perfectly in a Bochs IA-32 processor emulator. I apologize if this is old news to anyone, but I have to show you the results of my success. The video is sharp, networking works (with the WinPcap Drivers installed to help Bochs interface with the REAL network adapter), and slim UI. If you want to learn how to do what I did... read my handy dandy guide by clicking here!

Rhapsody DR2 in action on Bochs screenie!




Sniff sniff, do I detect a dodgy iso of Rhapsody here ;-)

Look in untitled.rtf.  haha, you've been busted.

I'm only joking! :-)

The guide does look interesting, thanks.
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Rhapsody Guru

Sorry... I already bought the CD from a Ham Radio fanatic for 50 dollars! Wow! I admit I did download the ISO due to complications in the ripping process. Sorry for the confusion.