NeXT Cube Machined replacement parts out of Magnesium

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, September 15, 2017, 02:51:47 PM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: Ah the quest to manufacture replacement parts out of Magnesium and perhaps even a Cube Case. It is getting interesting. So I called these guys and spoke with an engineer , yes they can produce the parts which run between $2 and $150 but where they get you the die cast molds and machining tools are between 12k to 40 k , scratch that method off.

However, they recommended these guys  which I think may just work as they are just down the road here as well .

So I just spoke with the owner Kevin of Machining tech, he is currently at the other factory in Puerto Rico  and is saying the hurricane damage is not as bad there as the media portrays it , knocked down trees , shingles missing etc..  He says I will need to keep costs down...

3d machine  drawings  to spec in step or cad ,

if anyone a WIZ at this please let me know or does anyone have access to a high resolution 3d scanner ,

NeXT mission :

The parts we are looking at having made would be :  

Checking Magnesium , Metal and plastic.

Front Optical drive slot filler
Front Floppy fillers ,
Front Faceplate Combo,
For the Cube the 3 Cube sections,
the 12:" screws that hold these sections together ,  
The Back panel
The Filler slats
Floppy Mounting brackets Cube and Slab
Hard Drive mounting Brackets for Micro SD Cube and Slab

Soundbox Faceplates
Soundbox shells


So if that all works then I'll look at powder coating with as close to original paint match as possible or painting here in house using original paint formula or selling raw parts.

The thought is once they have the parts ,  I possibly may be able to have a made to order replacement part solution just need to understand their process and pricing.  Also if we have the drawings we should be able to use them at any machine shop with the same style equipment to help everyone out. Neat Stuff , I'm going to ask Hartmut Esslinger for permission to do this as well as they are his patents and drawings.    

Any thought on this?  Anyone still here or am alone on the island of NeXT LOL?

Best regards Rob Blessin
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I am here :)  This is an interesting project, I would need some piece for a cube to be restored  :D


You're probably the right person for reproduction parts, Rob.

It's possible to 3D Print so many things, why not NeXT parts?

I wouldn't mind a replacement case in Black (or clear) ABS, to be honest. Same holds for a soundbox, feet and other little bits.

Startup costs for OEM quality molded parts is very high, as you've seen.

I bet the community could come up with accurate models of parts, if they have access to the parts to model (scan, measure, whatever it takes).

The folks at Adafruit are into NeXT stuff, and are at the forefront of the Maker community.


Quote from: "itomato"...The folks at Adafruit are into NeXT stuff, and are at the forefront of the Maker community.

What they did to that poor NeXT, dead or alive, is strangely disturbing... :-)


I also saw no point in cutting a circle through a slab either.

Cutting the NeXT logo into the top of the case using the waterjet as a way to see inside as a display piece possibly, but the circle was stupid.